“Life after Restraints and Seclusion…A Day in Our Shoes”

I had to catch my lil man sleeping because he no longer likes taking pictures:( Another reality of him being restrained and placed in a school’s “quiet room”.

As we grow closer and closer to the first day of school, I feel the anxiety level picking up. I Cringe at the thought of having to speak to the school before hand to insure my lil man is not handled in a manner any other child is. Praying he is treated as an individual student who suffers from trauma instead of being grouped with all children.

Today as we visit our therapist my son expressed his joy for going to school yet his feelings about the school administration who “teased me with pop tarts” or the “many quiet rooms they have” this was our therapist first time witnessing this behavior. As tears rolled down my cheeks I could only whisper the words, “he is a different child now, this is what they did to him”.

To have someone who is a physician confirm these actions are affects of trauma…being restrained and in confinement only brings about fight-flight-freeze. He can not be handled in a way of a student with “bad conduct” he will have to have a Individual plan to therapeutically work with him on a daily basis. Alton can explain very well how he fights to keep them from holding or grabbing him, is it right? No it is not. But I ask, what would an animal do if you corner them in a small closet? An animal would fight. And that’s what he felt he had to do, now my baby feels like he has to fight whenever he feels threatened. He feels like nothing hurts him now:( a very dangerous place to be mentally!

Words can not express my feelings about this happening to many families and children in our world today. I want to share this with others so they may question when their children come home a total different rebellious kid. Question the school setting. Get involved. Talk to your children to see are they being bullied by children and school staff. Listen to them, there may a reason. If these behaviors are not broken and treated in a positive manner, they can quickly become worse as these children grow up.

I sent my (adopted) sons to a public school, they were both restrained and placed in seclusion. One only expressed it to us after the other was broken mentally and sent home for me to figure out. I trusted our public school system to keep them safe not harm them. Now I have a child who has to fight the affects of trauma every minute of everyday.

I will keep you guys posted about the steps to our first day of school. This one won’t be an easy one…I have several other options and am praying for God to guide our next step. Late nights good nights…we’ve had one panic attack!! Progress!

This has been published pursuant to free speech.

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