Policing in American Schools

There are about 46,000 police officers (often referred to as school resource officers or SROs) in the country’s 130,000+ public schools. Using SROs to address student behavior has led to disparities in the treatment of Black students and students with disabilities h that mirror those of society at large.


What Happens in the Brain During Trauma?

After trauma, clients are often left with many painful sensations and emotions . . .
. . . including shame and guilt.

And that’s especially true if they weren’t able to protect themselves or escape.

That’s why it can be so useful to help them understand how their brain and body did work to protect them during the traumatic event.

Because when people find out that their response was an adaptive reaction that helped them survive, that can open the door to healing.

(Copyrights The National Institute for the Clinical
Application of Behavioral Medicine

The Negative and Discriminatory Impact of Zero-Tolerance and Exclusionary Discipline Policies

Research shows that discriminatory discipline practices have a huge negative impact on students of color, students with disabilities, and other historically underserved students.

These practices often take shape as a result of zero-tolerance policies that apply strong punishments for particular infractions—including removing students from the classroom or school via suspensions and expulsions.

Most parents are not aware this is what’s happening until their child is already labeled a “problem child” and in his way to an alternative school for simply not sitting in his chair or completing an assignment.

Many districts and schools apply these policies to nonviolent and more subjective offenses, such as “willful defiance,” talking in class, tardiness, or truancy. Research shows that these policies result in negative consequences for student academic achievement, attainment, and welfare.

These policies are not only ineffective but also often applied in a discriminatory manner. Data provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection demonstrate that students of color and students with disabilities, among other historically underserved students, are disproportionately suspended and expelled compared with their White and nondisabled peers.

This was a key concern that the Obama administration discipline guidance was intended to address. Nevertheless, on December 21, 2018, the Trump administration rescinded this guidance and all supporting resources.

We cannot afford to sit back and do nothing.

Today’s students are our future senators, congressmen, presidents and leaders.

Effective Discipline Policies and Practices Designed to End Discrimination include:

  • Replacing zero-tolerance policies and the use of suspensions and expulsions for low-level offenses with strategies that teach social-emotional skills.
  • Providing targeted support for educators.
  • Eliminating disproportionate rates in student discipline through extensive trainings
  • Creating relationship-centered schools that support strong family and community engagement.

It can be and should be done! When did money become more important than humans or our future generation?

Amazing Autism Prom idea!!

I do not know this family( Jurlonda Crayton) but I thought it was such an awesome idea!!!

As we fight to keep Autism in the forefront of life today, this just blew my mind and I had to share!!


How Trauma Can Impact Four Types of Memory

Trauma can have a profound impact on a person’s memory . . .

. . . and traumatic memory can affect not only the brain, but also the body and nervous system as well.

But understanding how trauma can impact the different types of memory can be challenging, Here is a free tool for practitioners to use with clients that breaks down this process.

CBD -vs- Prescription Meds

From a symptom management perspective, there are several ways that cannabis may help with trauma.

Cannabis-based medicines have proved to

  • drastically reduce some types of seizures, and compounds like non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD) also
  • have demonstrated potent antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects in preclinical experiments.

The cannabis plant is also being considered as a safe and effective alternative to opioid painkillers, which are associated with high overdose rates and come with a variety of difficult side effects, including constipation and low sex drive.

Endocannabinoids are like the body’s own cannabis.

They are molecules that the body produces naturally, and cells in the nervous and immune systems use them to communicate.

One primary component in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD), works by increasing levels of the body’s own endocannabinoids. Meanwhile, THC, the compound responsible for the classic cannabis “high” works by taking the place of natural endocannabinoids in the body.

I am writing about this because I have had my prescrideb PROZAC at age 8 years old! And because of the violent mood swings, suiciadal thoughts and actions have chosen to keep him completely off prescribed medication.

When researching I am learning more and more CBD and homeopathy (holistic) treatment may be a better option.

Please feel free to comment or give your experiences. At this time we will start homeopathy and go from there.

To me? All natural is better than meds that will change the way the brain functions! I have witnessed a child be medicated and just like my son after trauma from restraints, that child is totally different. One of the meds prescribed damaged him forever!

It’s not worth trying any medications on the market.

“Texas Loses $33.3 Million in Future IDEA Funding”


It’s official.

Texas will lose $33.3 million in future IDEA funding as a result of their reducing state financial support for students with disabilities back in 2012.

Sadly, it is our children who will ultimately pay the price for their actions.

According to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Texas’s “weighted student model contravenes the plain meaning of the MFS provision by allowing a state to reduce its special education funding based on its unsupported claim that the needs of its disabled students have declined.”

“In fiscal year 2012, Texas made available roughly $33.3 million less for special education and related services than it did during fiscal year 2011.Accordingly, the Department of Education issued a proposed determination that Texas was ineligible for $33.3 million of future grants because of the short- fall in both aggregate and per capita state funding.”


Texas is ranked #50 in special education!!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THAT!!

Don’t believe me? Research!

Soooooo Sad!

This is not where you want to be if you need ANY resources!!!😡🤬😡🤬🤯🤯🤯



Has Your School Been Investigated for Discrimination?

After being totally exhausted from literally two straight weeks of late nights, gathering and sorting through piles of files (hard copy), digital, visual and audio recordings, I finally have time to share with you some very important updated information.

For the first time, ProRePublica is providing the status of all of the civil rights cases that have both been resolved and are still pending within the last three years.

Click here to access ProRePublica search engine tool to see if your school district is being investigated for civil rights violations and the reasons why.

REMEMBER knowledge is always key!

Some would say it’s “crazy” how things happen at the same time, but I like to say,

“It is amazing how God aligns things in your life when you trust Him to Guide and protect you!”

I received an email the same day I completed providing our proof of such complaints to the U.S. Office of Civil Rights. And I searched both our old and new public school districts to find out more information than I thought.

There has been nine other complaints against our old district but seems as if our two complaints have been the ones to at least push for an investigation. That speaks volumes!

For me, I have to admit it was confirmation! No one would believe how many people try to discourage me from continuing the battle. It is guidance and strength from God that keeps me moving forward. Having to live a life with a child who was broken mentally but trying to live normal is constant reminder of what happens to him as well as who did this to him.

Because my son has a voice and a story to tell, I have to keep fighting, advocating,

I wanted to write this blog to encourage all parents to keep good rewords of your children daily accounts at school.

Because we are still in this legal battle I can’t give lots of details but I will say I feel our complaints brought about investigations because of the documentation I have to support the complaint.

Keep good records!

Record so you can review later or have what is needed on hand to support your concern.

I do not wish this in any child or family so I will continue to share whatever knowledge I have with others. And please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions .

** This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public

“When Did Restraint, Seclusion & Cool Down Quiet Rooms Become the Norm?”

One of the primary responsibilities of the public education at every level and for each student is the guarantee of safe and secure school environments. Incidents such as Sante Fe and Parkland schools have resulted in a vast array of improvements in school security and security systems, as expected.

The question I have is, when will our public school system begin to focus on the focus on the hazardous and even life threatening incidents due to seclusion and restraints practices?

For the purpose of clarity:

  • Restraint includes holding a student, keeping him/her from moving his/her arms, legs, body or head freely.
  • Mechanical restraint includes any object or device (possibly including furniture or blocking mats) that is used to keep a student from moving when used against the manufacturers intent.
“Blue blocking may used by some schools to prevent student from leaving quiet rooms”
  • Seclusion is involuntary confinement of a student in a room or area from which they are prevented from leaving. Many schools have a designated cool down/quiet room where children are placed in seclusion.
“An example of cool down/quiet room used for seclusion”

In the process of registering my son for a new school district I expressed my concerns about restraint and informed the Special Needs Coordinator I will send a no restraint letter to be placed in his file. And before I could complete my sentence she said,

“Oh, we restrain in our district as well…”

Are you kidding me? Once again, without any concern for the student or the effects of the use of restraint or seclusion I am expected to accept this Practice as normal. I could not.

Instead I informed her of the effects the use of restraint and seclusion has had on my son as well as the investigation we have ongoing. It was then she became inquisitive because it was the. She realized how serious I take this issue.

We are in our second investigation and we still have not received the support we should by any government entity who claim to represent disabled children and discrimination. However we will continue to speak out and tell our story and fight for the civil rights of all students.

I solicit your response comments and or support!

This is a battle for all parents!

My fight continues to have the truth documented.

Follow our story and more at


This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public

Exclusive: Local District sends Disabled Students to School Known for Abuse

It has been sometime since I have blogged but our story never ends. At a time where I have to decide on what school district to trust with my boys, I and reminded today of the reason public school is not an option.

Once again, students are suppose to feel safe at school with teachers. However, students with disabilities are abused daily and sent home to parents who’s have no idea what is happening.


As a parent whose children were restrained over 37 times and sent home with bruises, where do I enroll my children? Where are my children safe? What government entity really cares?

Because we can not get any help from the great entities that are SUPPOSE TO PROTECT civil rights, ACLU, DISABILITY RIGHTS OF TEXAS, NAACP ECT…we will continue to speak out publicly I shed some sort of light on this issue.

America is fighting for immigrants and I support that cause, however what about our children in the United States?

Feel free to comment or leave suggestions.

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