The Negative and Discriminatory Impact of Zero-Tolerance and Exclusionary Discipline Policies

Research shows that discriminatory discipline practices have a huge negative impact on students of color, students with disabilities, and other historically underserved students.

These practices often take shape as a result of zero-tolerance policies that apply strong punishments for particular infractions—including removing students from the classroom or school via suspensions and expulsions.

Most parents are not aware this is what’s happening until their child is already labeled a “problem child” and in his way to an alternative school for simply not sitting in his chair or completing an assignment.

Many districts and schools apply these policies to nonviolent and more subjective offenses, such as “willful defiance,” talking in class, tardiness, or truancy. Research shows that these policies result in negative consequences for student academic achievement, attainment, and welfare.

These policies are not only ineffective but also often applied in a discriminatory manner. Data provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection demonstrate that students of color and students with disabilities, among other historically underserved students, are disproportionately suspended and expelled compared with their White and nondisabled peers.

This was a key concern that the Obama administration discipline guidance was intended to address. Nevertheless, on December 21, 2018, the Trump administration rescinded this guidance and all supporting resources.

We cannot afford to sit back and do nothing.

Today’s students are our future senators, congressmen, presidents and leaders.

Effective Discipline Policies and Practices Designed to End Discrimination include:

  • Replacing zero-tolerance policies and the use of suspensions and expulsions for low-level offenses with strategies that teach social-emotional skills.
  • Providing targeted support for educators.
  • Eliminating disproportionate rates in student discipline through extensive trainings
  • Creating relationship-centered schools that support strong family and community engagement.

It can be and should be done! When did money become more important than humans or our future generation?

CBD -vs- Prescription Meds

From a symptom management perspective, there are several ways that cannabis may help with trauma.

Cannabis-based medicines have proved to

  • drastically reduce some types of seizures, and compounds like non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD) also
  • have demonstrated potent antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects in preclinical experiments.

The cannabis plant is also being considered as a safe and effective alternative to opioid painkillers, which are associated with high overdose rates and come with a variety of difficult side effects, including constipation and low sex drive.

Endocannabinoids are like the body’s own cannabis.

They are molecules that the body produces naturally, and cells in the nervous and immune systems use them to communicate.

One primary component in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD), works by increasing levels of the body’s own endocannabinoids. Meanwhile, THC, the compound responsible for the classic cannabis “high” works by taking the place of natural endocannabinoids in the body.

I am writing about this because I have had my prescrideb PROZAC at age 8 years old! And because of the violent mood swings, suiciadal thoughts and actions have chosen to keep him completely off prescribed medication.

When researching I am learning more and more CBD and homeopathy (holistic) treatment may be a better option.

Please feel free to comment or give your experiences. At this time we will start homeopathy and go from there.

To me? All natural is better than meds that will change the way the brain functions! I have witnessed a child be medicated and just like my son after trauma from restraints, that child is totally different. One of the meds prescribed damaged him forever!

It’s not worth trying any medications on the market.

Exclusive: Local District sends Disabled Students to School Known for Abuse

It has been sometime since I have blogged but our story never ends. At a time where I have to decide on what school district to trust with my boys, I and reminded today of the reason public school is not an option.

Once again, students are suppose to feel safe at school with teachers. However, students with disabilities are abused daily and sent home to parents who’s have no idea what is happening.

As a parent whose children were restrained over 37 times and sent home with bruises, where do I enroll my children? Where are my children safe? What government entity really cares?

Because we can not get any help from the great entities that are SUPPOSE TO PROTECT civil rights, ACLU, DISABILITY RIGHTS OF TEXAS, NAACP ECT…we will continue to speak out publicly I shed some sort of light on this issue.

America is fighting for immigrants and I support that cause, however what about our children in the United States?

Feel free to comment or leave suggestions.

“Happy Birthday Alton!”

Happy Birthday to our lil man Alton!

This year he turns 8 years old and I have to say this has to be one of the most special ones yet. We had no idea we would have a year full of trauma and turmoil but God has guided us through to this point.

So I want to thank God for a special package he gave to me 8 years ago…without a doubt or question we stepped in Help his mom and dad. And our lives have not been the same since. I know so many parents say that but I speak the truth.

As we celebrate today, I want you all to know what Alton wants for his birthday.

He wants no more racism. Being a survivor of trauma, fighting everyday to gain his life back, Alton expresses we should love each other!

We came together as a family to keep our family together. And as we realize this world is full of more hate and racism and discrimination, we feel a need to speak up and make a difference. Our battle with our school district is much bigger than us and we know it.

But today we will celebrate this little ones special day! We love you Alton!

“The Fight Conitues…Alton’s Story”


“In educational settings that support climates of safety, adults and students respect each other. A safe school environment offers positive personal role models in its faculty. It provides a place for open discussion where diversity and differences are respected; communication between adults and students is encouraged and supported; and conflict is managed and mediated constructively.

Cultures and climates of safety support environments in which teachers and administrators pay attention to students’ social and emotional needs as well as their academic needs. Such environments emphasize “emotional intelligence,” as well as educational or intellectual pursuits. Students experience a sense of emotional “fit” and of respect within the school body, and may be less likely to engage in or be victimized by harmful behavior.

A culture of safety creates “shame free zones” in which daily teasing and bullying is not accepted as a normal part of the adolescent culture.9 School environments characterized by bullying and meanness can lead to student isolation and fear. At best, school environments that turn a blind eye to bullying and teasing inhibit the work of school–learning and growth. At the worst, such environments allow behavior that fosters fear and fury that stunts the healthy development of the victims of that behavior, and may lead to psychological and physical violence.”

Just a little of what I read from

Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates 

Department of Education (ED) and Secret Service, 2002

Yet I find myself battling now with this school district about bullying and creating a hostile environment among the students. Totally insane, but we have filed complaints and waiting on our attorney to move forward. I am so speechless no words could ever explain the disbelief.

All I can stand on is the truth and what is right. We stay in constant t prayer for this warfare against what we know is the root of all evil, money. That is what it all boils down to.

Because of the “worth” of this school district no one wants to go up against them. Not one government entity that represents civil rights for our students want to represent my son(s) who has endured obvious abuse while trying to get an education.

Although the school district, who we have been nice and not exposed their name continuously, continues to retaliate on social media and other obvious outlets…my son still wants to tell his story and I feel he is entitled to do so.

Please share and keep his story alive.

Everyday, he tells of the bullying, Restraint and Quiet Room and why the school was wrong. They do not deserve to carry on with their lives while he fights to gain his back because of their wrongdoing.

This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public.

“The White House Should be in Texas”


I can’t begin to express the emotions I’m feeling while fighting our local school district for simple accountability for their actions. You would think I was wrong for expecting it, but I am not.

Where is Justice for All?

Throughout the last 10 months I have come to the acceptance that the White House should be here in Texas not Washington, D.C. Money and politics run this state on every level. Our local school district ranks high in numbers and weigh heavy in cash flow, hence the reason I thought my two sons whom I adopted would be safe and free from harm…I could not have been more wrong.

The first thing I noticed is the internal cover up by school staff, Superintendent’s office and the school police department, but that’s to be expected since Texas supports government immunity for all those involved. When our news segment got to over 5000 shares and likes on Facebook and youtube is when I begin to realize it truly is about money and politics. It took one day for the news segment to be pulled.

Did they pay them to have it taken down? Not sure. What I am sure of is the news segment is no longer available online or through the news station and the reporter lied to me directing me to his social media account saying it was posted there. The community activist who said he wanted to help us and actually set up the segment to be recorded, also lied and said he didn’t know it wasn’t on the news archives. I just happen to have recorded it myself and was able to use it to get our story out.

As the fight grew stronger I was lead to file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Civil rights not realizing the retaliation me and the boys would have to endure, just wanting justice from someone or somewhere. Simultaneously, I met with The Disability Rights of Texas attorney who was eager to move forward and recognized so many laws the district had broken, however, she did not believe the Civil Rights Office would investigate or do anything for us. She was wrong. Thankfully the OCR accepted our complaint and filed four counts of retaliation and discrimination the district on my sons behalf. And the following week I got a call from the attorney frantically saying,

” we don’t know if we will still have an office here come September. I don’t even know if i will have a job. We don’t have the funds to litigate for you…they aren’t going to change their policies…they are restraining students all over the district…”

She had a total different attitude and was backing out of the case. She was not going to “pitch” our case to their larger litigators as she was so excited to do in our meeting. She just wanted out.

Five months in, I have a visitor at my door…a Child Protective Services investigator. Knowing this is the number one retaliation tactic I am cool and told him I was expecting this visit…until he tells me the accusations! Drugs and Sexual abuse of my babies, oh and I lock them in the closet…something the school district did.  I was speechless, but prayerful and ready to keep fighting no matter what. It was a full investigation with drug tests and medical reviews and interviews, but in the end it was a closed case. The sad thing is Child Protective Services did not care to know what the school had done to abuse my son, even after I was proven innocent. Government entities!

Next, there was the school district police who shows up at my door to “routinely” verify address for students…on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm.  The beginning of the school district trying to set up truancy charges…another great retaliation tactic of theirs. Seems to me more like harassment.

The most obvious reason I feel like this is the home for the White House is the OCR released a Dear Colleague Letter: Restraint and Seclusion of Students with Disabilities, a question and answer document that helps update educators, parents, students, and other stakeholders to better understand the rights of students with disabilities in public and charter schools under Section 504 and IDEA. There are several states mentioned that are being investigated for the very “therapeutic schools” my son is in and they are being sued for discrimination. If the federal government can come down on other states, why are they not looking at Texas for the same thing? Money and Politics.

We have not gotten the help we are told we should have from the Disability Rights of Texas, The NAACP, ACLU or any other civil rights organization, but refuse to give up on what we know is right. I am filled with emotions that I can not describe in words, because I live every day with the results of what this school district has done to my son. I am grateful for the OCR and their help because it had already made a difference in policies and procedures, but the retaliation is still in full affect.

Today I logged onto Facebook only to learn my account has been blocked for 30 days…why? Maybe to stop me from driving traffic to our blog and website. This comes after the principal learned her lies were being recorded by me and she was not happy. It is just unreal to think this is where I thought my son would be safe. Instead he is being bullied, threatened by calling the police and made out to be the problem child.

God will prevail in the end. This is not about monetary gain but about a seven -year old little boy who is broken from what adults decided to do. A child with a voice who understands what has happens and will not rest until justice is served.

Money and politics is what this world is about but God created it all and I chose to let God be the one to decide in the end.

Accountability…When Does The Abuse Stop?

At some point this school district has got to be stopped. I understand this happens in a lot of school districts, but when there are several cases in less than one year in one school district…someone has to see a pattern.
Someone has to care…or do they?
After fighting a ten month legal battle with these people I now believe they are boldly arrogant and feel they are untouchable. only God can and will handle this and many other cases brought up against them. I continue to pray more parents come forward and advocate for their children. We send them off everyday believing they will be safe and protected by adults we trust. Our public education trust…but again they are being abused daily.
When does the accountability start? Seems as if we as parents have to take this a little farther and fight for tougher laws that will hold educators and administrators accountable. Then maybe others will think twice before abusing any of the children in the education setting. I found out there is an underlying understanding that everyone is covered by government immunity.
What isn’t realized or spoken of is:
School districts are generally not provided legal immunity against negligence claims for ministerial acts, including failing to protect the safety and welfare of students, particularly if such failure involves disregarding the districts own rules and procedures.
Besides negligence claims arising from ministerial acts, a second exception to school’s legal liability from immunity involves situations where the school or its employees act in a willful or intentional fashion which results directly in an injury. This standard can apply to both ministerial and discretionary decisions. This is often referred to as acting with deliberate indifference to risk.
This is hope…in God’s timing it will stop!
Until then please share our story and speak up for a change in our education system. This is the future generation!

This has been published pursuant to free speech.


“Bullied While Others Watch in Silence”

“I had a bad day mom. All the kids bullied me and the teachers didn’t do anything”.

“Everyone laughed at me in PE and called me a baby…the teachers laughed too”

“A kid put up his middle finger at me and all she said was she didn’t see it…the cameras right there”

The list can go on and on with the stories heard in the last two months but Lets stop for a second and ponder on the question…how does a parent send their child back to a school environment such as this?

It is one thing to have your child be bullied, teased, and even physically injured by a student peer, but to think the teachers or staff are present when the incident occurs is unacceptable. Especially when the student is in a “therapeutic” environment where positive life skills and behaviors are described to be priority.

The golden rule was once taught: “Treat others how you want to be treated”. It’s sad but it no longer exist in 2017.  Instead we have discrimination at its finest, boldly presented in your face, daring the parent or student pursue it.

It leaves me absolutely speechless when I experience a child expressing the hurt they feel from being laughed at while school staff do nothing. Or to hear a child say,

“I hid in a locker because that’s what bullies do to people and that’s how I felt, so I put myself in there.”  

No child should feel such low self esteem of themselves. I have had enough. If you are blessed to have a child express bullying to you, please do not stand by and do nothing. By the time he comes to you he has already dealt with it for a while…and is calling for help.  You are obligated to help!

As for our school staff sitting in silence? God sees all and children are our future. If you allow them To be damaged from bullying as you watch, what do we have to look for in the future!

This has been published pursuant to free speech.

“Breaking Through Betrayal…Turning Trauma into Trust”

Hello everyone we haven’t updated much since the storm and having to truly decide on homeschool or not.
The decision has not been an easy one but we have choosen Homeschooling…it’s sad to say but as excited as Alton was to go to school his first two days he witnessed a child get hit and then was hit himself by another student (on both days)…and while at the nurse office saw more “quiet rooms” which caused flashbacks and traumatic responses. Although this school is suppose to be a therapeutic one, there is not much therapy going on.

When Alton’s response from the quiet room” triggers was that of fight-flight-freeze, instead of calming the situation, the staff created a hostile one…in turn creating a negative response.

With that being said, it was not hard to keep him home after hearing him tell his side of what transpired both days, it was hard to make the final decision though. Having family and friends express their concerns for me and the affects homeschooling would have, gave me joy. However,  I had to remind them and myself  this is bigger than “me” and this fight will demand sacrifices. So through Tropical Storm Harvey I remained prayerful and decided I will homeschool Alton rather than re traumatize him.

As we wait for our ARD Meeting with the school district and its legal representation, Alton is able to feel safe and learn as he should. After eight months of PTSD I can say I see his smile more and more! Which equals progress! And as long as there is progress I will continue to press forward. Is it easy, no! But it will get easier. Altons mental health and future is priority for me. Knowing if we do not break through the barriers of trauma now, we will not have a breakthrough later…only a breakdown!

This has been published pursuant to free speech.

.. After the Storms…Back to the Battle

After the 50 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Harvey, how do you go back to a normal” life?

We have had canceled and rescheduled therapy appointments and rescheduled school/evaluation appointments and everyday life is still chaotic in our city of Houston.

Since the storm my son Alton has began a new medication and now being his 5th day taking it, I have tears in my eyes as I write…I haven’t seen this lil boy in over seven months!!

Listening to him wanting to apologize to his best friends and the FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS he spent his evening outside playing with all his friends…was an unbelievable moment. **simple things in life**

Although it seems to be progress, I have learned not to get excited because everything can change in a blink of an eye. I pray we see some type of consistent progress with the defiance behavior….until we do I am left to decide on homeschooling. At thie moment we are awaiting another ARD meeting because the first two days back to school my son was hurt by a student and re traumatized by school staff:( I wish it was easier to get back to normal, but I have to admit it is not.

I know there’s a blessing in the storm. Now we have gotten through tropical storm Harvey…I wait for the blessing!! I will be in constant prayer as to where we go from here, because only God can guide us through this. As excited as Alton was to go back to class, he is now afraid of being bullied by other children.

Homeschool or no?

This has been published pursuant to free speech.

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