.. After the Storms…Back to the Battle

After the 50 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Harvey, how do you go back to a normal” life?

We have had canceled and rescheduled therapy appointments and rescheduled school/evaluation appointments and everyday life is still chaotic in our city of Houston.

Since the storm my son Alton has began a new medication and now being his 5th day taking it, I have tears in my eyes as I write…I haven’t seen this lil boy in over seven months!!

Listening to him wanting to apologize to his best friends and the FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS he spent his evening outside playing with all his friends…was an unbelievable moment. **simple things in life**

Although it seems to be progress, I have learned not to get excited because everything can change in a blink of an eye. I pray we see some type of consistent progress with the defiance behavior….until we do I am left to decide on homeschooling. At thie moment we are awaiting another ARD meeting because the first two days back to school my son was hurt by a student and re traumatized by school staff:( I wish it was easier to get back to normal, but I have to admit it is not.

I know there’s a blessing in the storm. Now we have gotten through tropical storm Harvey…I wait for the blessing!! I will be in constant prayer as to where we go from here, because only God can guide us through this. As excited as Alton was to go back to class, he is now afraid of being bullied by other children.

Homeschool or no?

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The Bill of Rights for Incarcerated Children

Rally for Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights for Incarcerated Children

  1. I have the right to be kept safe and informed at the time of my parent’s arrest.
  2. I have the right to be heard when decisions are made about me.
  3. I have the right to be considered when decisions are made about my parent.
  4. I have the right to be well cared for in my parent’s absence.
  5. I have the right to speak with, see and touch my parent.
  6. I have the right to support as I face my parent’s incarceration.
  7. I have the right not to be judged, blamed or labeled because my parent is incarcerated.
  8. I have the right to a lifelong relationship with my parent.

*This is based on the SFCIP and the SF Bill of Rights for Incarcerated www.sfcip.org.

“Looters, Curfews and Water still Around Our City”

Seven days…one week since Tropical Storm Harvey dropped sheets of rain on Houston, Texas and it still is not over. Yes the rain is gone and the sun is shining brightly but there are still thousands of people displaced in shelters and some waiting to return home, because their homes are still under waistdeep waters. IMG_2512

I wish I could explain the endless emotional roller coaster we are experiencing but I truly believe you have to experience this to understand this. I have never seen it rain continuously for 48 hours straight…until last Saturday outside my home. We have had floods and even hurricanes before but I have never witnessed the traumatic rescues and I for sure have never had to plan ahead to be evacuated! While I am so grateful to say we were kept safe and dry (only by a couple of blocks), my sons and I still pray for all those affected.

Alton wants to open our home up to those who need a place to stay and even open a home in the future to help those in need as a reminder of this event:) We have collected our old things and will seek to find a family who needs them tomorrow after church as well.

The aftermath is one that is unbelievable. We are getting constant warnings of floods when there is no rain in the forecast but because of the water still in the city… I had to rush out to get gas and passed 7 gas stations before finding one pump! (There’s reason to believe there may be a while before we get any). We have warnings about the air and possible toxins in the water!!IMG_2521

The one thing I laugh about is really seeing the stores have no milk STILL or no bread STILL…it’s real here people.

Although we are experiencing the “things” you experience in a Disater, I have to say Houston and Texas have handled this in a remarkable way! Looting has been kept to a low (18), with the help of plenty of neighboring city police. Everyone who could help rescue got out and did! And we have been kept abreast of all occurrences possible.

Yes Harvey came through and hung out a while, giving us over 50″ of rain but we will bounce back!

But it’s not over yet! Keep us in prayers! My sons go back to school next week and Alton is already having major anxiety! To be continued…

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“HOUSTON…Why Didn’t You Evacuate? City under Water”

I am hearing this question as well as well as reading  it all over online and social media. And if I am honest I will say it crossed my mind as well. I found one article in the New York Time that made so sense. IMG_2445

A city the size of Houston would take days to evacuate and would have to be strategically planned, and still would be not guarantee to work. Yes, our mayor could have said voluntary  evacuation but the city would have still left at one time and after the affects of Hurricane Rita, it just would not have been a good idea.

Yes, day 3 of Tropical Storm Harvey has been 24 more hours of non-stop rain and thousands of rescues and even more hours of watching the waters rise all around our home.

Cypress Creek Water Rising
Cypress Creek @ Champions Forest

But I have to say our City has come together and we have not experienced the number of fatalities I feel we would have in an evacuation. Logistically it would not have been possible to evacuate the city without causing more damage.

We are in for another day of rain and high waters but looks like it will let up sooner than we thought. My boys are hanging in there but having true cabin fever. Having no way to really burn off their energy I have allowed them to have their way throughout the house. I know most parents wouldn’t understand but with autism I have learned to let the boys be free to exhaust their energy at anytime.

And I have to say the last five days of stormy weather has been bearable:) We are still safe, water all around us but electricity on and not in need!

Keep us and Houston in your prayers. We need donations! Blankets, dry shoes, PLUS SIZE CLOTHES AND UNDER GARMENTS, baby items. Its not over yet and the recovery will be a long one. God Bless!

#HoustonUnderWater #justice4one

“How Childhood Trauma Could Be Misdiagnosed for ADHD”

I had to share this information because I realize today’s therapist, psychologists and other physicians do not know or do not have the time to correctly assess and diagnose our children. I am blessed to have studied psychology and I am always researching and learning more along the way, so when I heard ADHD first come out the mouths of school personnel about my son who is autistic…red flags popped up and I began to pay closer attention.

I am aware once diagnosed with autism, the diagnosis doesn’t go away. You don’t grow out of autism, there is no treatment that will heal autism and there is no medication for autism. On the flip side, there are “other” diagnosis that can be given in order to prescribe medication to help the child focus or calm down. The most common one is ADHD where a number of stimulants can be taken and sometimes bring about great results.  However,   when misdiagnosed, the same stimulant medications can create a world is chaos and possibly life long (negative) effects. Leaving a family and child more damaged than doing any good.

My lil man was diagnosed with Severe ODD, Severe Anxiety, ADHD, and Sensory Integration immediately after being restrained and placed in seclusion 39 times in one day. Yes, you heard me correctly. I did not disagree with the psychiatrist, I actually followed all of her recommendations including starting him on Quillivant. It didn’t take one week before I began to see the terrible side affects! He was violent, wanting to hurt himself, and in my sons own words, “was crazy”. When speaking to the psychiatrist again, we were given another doasage to try and left the office feeling like we had gone through an assembly line. Was she even listening? Did she take any of the traumatic incident into consideration? I felt as if like our education system, these children are grouped together and given the “general prescription” used for the disorders under and umbrella.

The facts are…trauma and ADHD are similar but unless you take the time to document and assess the child a misdiagnosis is easy.


After trying three stimulant meds (Vyvanse, Quillevant, Focalin) and one popular non stimulant (Intuiv), I have decided to trust God and work through the PTSD with intensive therapies and time. He has nightmares when he takes the medicine, he gets aggressive in language and behavior when he takes the medication and it makes him sick to his stomach. I’m thankful for the correct diagnosis and finally Cognitive Behavior Therapy because when you know what’s wrong you can fix it. We as parents have to research, read and be informed! If we do not, we are allowing our children to be damaged. Help them help your child by knowing what is truly going on with them. Make the Dr’s take the time you deserve, so the diagnosis is correct.

And do not be afraid to ask questions, probe at the mind of the person you are trusting to care for your child. Make them work! Your children depend on you to protect them and care for them! 💕💓💓💕💞

This has been published pursuant to free speech.

“Molding our Children Today for Tomorrow”

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As a mother of three And watching all the injustice in our world today I can not stress enough how important it is that we as parents, both young and old, mold our children in PREPARATION for tomorrow. Having adopted these two handsome boys, I now worry for their future. I read stories of injustice and black lives matter and I feel compassion for all involved. But when it touches your home or your life, it becomes a true reality.

Law, psychology and politics has always peeked my interest; however, going through the injustice of the school system gave the drive to be a part of law and politics. I recognize the black lives ending today began being destroyed yesterday.

My son was your typical “boy” who showed signs of possible autism. having this brought to the school’s attention I figured we test him, and move forward. We did, yet in the mean time he was abused through restraint and Seclusion without consent and broken mentally. He was sent home with the onset of chronic trauma with me not aware of anything. It was then I thought, 

“How many more are sent home with a write up or phone call of bad behavior? How many of our children are being broken or abused, sent home only to be disciplined by parent who don’t know?”

It is a true Pipeline to Prison! School staff are choosing to put children in “cool Down Rooms” that are small as 5ft x 5ft, cemented and/or padded walls, conditioning students minds to accept and be okay with this setting. So, in the years to come my son or your son are already conditioned to know what a jail cell is like and to be ok innit.  My son or your son would have  already been in Trauma mode for years and not afraid of the police! Which makes it easier for law enforcement to arrest them or worde kill them. Because with trauma, the brain stays in survival/no fear mode…

It starts now! It starts today so we can see them live tomorrow. Mold their minds in a positive manner! Trauma is real and if your child suffers from it, there is help. I am a testimony in progress…..FIND OUT WHATS GOING ON IN YOUR CHILDS (SCHOOL) LIFE. Know there is always a REASON FOR THE BEHAVIOR.

This has been published pursuant to free speech.

“Simple Things in Life…”

Moments like this one mean absolutely nothing to others but to me…it’s the simple things in life that brings me the most joy!

After months of him not wanting his hair cut my lil man remained calm and allowed the barber to clean him on up!!!😃😄😃😄 I have to be honest and say this was 7 o’clock in the evening! I never had to fight him for hours to go to the barber shop…but Trauma is real!

As a psych major I have to say on the job training is the best training and knowledge is key! So once again I am speechless at the affects of chronic trauma. It is truly “undoing what was done”!

During traumatic experiences, a child’s brain is in heightened state of stress and fear-related hormones are activated. Remaining in this heightened state can change the emotional, behavioral and cognitive functioning of the child in order to maintain and promote survival. Over time, these traumatic experiences can have a significant impact on a child’s future behavior, emotional development, mental and physical health.

The brain is designed to change in response to patterned, repetitive stimulation. And the stimulation associated with fear and trauma changes/alters the brain. Since being restrained and placed in confinement at school Alton has not been the same. The aggressive behavior, the disregard for self care and the survival instinct is mind blowing. To hear him not fearing anyone or saying no one can hurt him again, makes my heart drop.

I know with prayer and Gods guidance it will get better. I stand on that every minute of the day. I have accepted this assignment of not allowing trauma to ruin my sons life. In order to heal (i.e., alter or modify trauma), therapeutic interventions must activate those portions of the brain that have been altered by the trauma. Understanding the persistence of fear-related emotional, behavioral, cognitive and physiological patterns can lead to focused therapeutic experiences that modify those parts of the brain impacted by trauma.
y when working with Alton. “

“This too shall pass”

This has been published pursuant to free speech.

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